“Integration of digital channels into existing company structures and processes. Focus on customer value throughout the whole project. Highest standards regarding expertise in technology, quality and sustainability.”

aspaNETCONOMY Management-Team


Our Mission


We connect our customers to the digital world. We are responsible for the long-term technology architecture of our customers. We consider ourselves as a partner who significantly impacts the business success of our customer and we ensure sustainability through active advising. We want to understand our customers and their needs in order to align our solutions accordingly.

We can only be successful if we work as a team. Innovation, personal responsibility and professional as well as technical development are key to our performance. We believe in the continuous improvement of business structure, in above-average productivity as well as in a balanced work-life.

As a company, we feel responsible to contribute to society and to do our part to take care of the environment. Environmental awareness and social commitment both belong to our self-concept.

Proven Know How

We are innovation driven and offer a deep understanding of technology solutions in which we specialize and in the business processes which are key factors in the industry sectors covered.

International References

aspaNETCONOMY offers extensive experience in performing implementation projects and business model consulting for internationally renowned clients.

We implement and maintain solutions that enable our clients to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage in their respective sectors.

SAP® and SAP® Hybris®

SAP® is the reference technological partner of aspaNETCONOMY; we belong to SAP® Hybris®’ partner ecosystem. Membership in this dynamic system enables us to provide the best omni-channel solutions to our customers and work collaboratively with SAP® Hybris® in the implementation of projects and development of solutions.

aspaNETCONOMY cover all business activities from solutions counseling, demonstration and licensing to the performance of professional consulting services, solutions maintenance and training.

Working collaboratively with SAP® allows us access to relevant and up to date information about new initiatives, tools and functions developed for the system.

Facts and Figures


aspaNETCONOMY is a leading expert for SAP® Hybris® omnichannel-solutions and supports your digital transformation and successful implementation of digital business models.

Our international team consists of certified Hybris® experts to assist you in seamlessly integrating online-channels into existing corporate structures. As a full-service-partner, we are glad to assist you in every phase of your digital transformation process.

We create individual, performance-oriented e-commerce-platforms, websites, online-shopping portals and mobile applications that engage customers across all channels throughout the entire customer journey – thus supporting sustainable online revenue.


  • Joint Venture between ASPA Consulting and NETCONOMY, located in Spain, Madrid

  • Your full service-partner with a large workforce of certified SAP® Hybris®-experts

  • Industry-specific omnichannel-solutions based upon SAP® Hybris® Commerce und Marketing

  • Excellence in process-, project- and technology-management, paired with sound understanding of Sales & Marketing and agile project management (Scrum-Model)

  • Cutting-edge service portfolio and technology

  • References from internationally renowned clients in both B2B and B2C



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