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aspaNETCONOMY is a leading provider of premium business modelling services and omnichannel solutions – transform digital and create seamless, personalized and inspiring customer journeys across all channels. Whether online, digital, social, mobile or in store:

Bundle your business onto our powerful SAP® Hybris® solutions and platforms. Effective customer- and product data mangement and harmonized processes within sustainable digital business models included.

Engage your customers, tap into new markets and increase online sales revenues.

Omni-Channel Commerce &
Experience Management

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360° Customer Profile &
Omni-Channel Campaign Management

Create a 360° customer profile. Our omni-channel solutions provide you with a thorough knowledge of your target groups, enabling you …read more

Enterprise IoT & Mobility Services

Cutting-edge service processes and mobile apps in B2E and B2B. As your customers rightly expect an omni-channel experience, we also …read more

Innovative Business Models

Based on our many years of international experience in the conception and implementation of digital business models, aspaNETCONOMY supports you …read more

Project Management Expertise

With our know-how, we accompany you in all phases of your digital transformation: from the analysis of your project requirements to the conception and implementation and support of individual omnichannel solutions.

In this way, we ensure the seamless integration of powerful online channels into optimized corporate structures and business models – guaranteeing individual support and the highest quality of implementation.



Based upon an extensive phase of analysis and consulting, we create advanced models for your online-success. Benefiting from many years of project experience and industry research, we elaborate detailed requirement profiles and clear positioning.



The content and visualization of the (technical) specification has a decisive impact on the success of the online project.

The seamless integration of all connected processes into the corporation is of high importance. Not only are clear structures and basic user experience important for the success of omnicommerce, but attention to positioning is crucial as well.

Together we will create competitive advantage on strategically important markets and enhance bot customer loyalty and turnover as well.



This is how we enable omni-commerce with future promise.

In setting up a solid omnichannel-base, user experience (UX), service and simplicity, along with a future-oriented and reliable technical implementation are in the forefront.
This supports an innovative, future-proof and comprehensive solution.

Our long-term, international project experience enables us to consider the specific requirements of your project an industry on point.



Besides individual communication and exceptional technical savviness, NETCONOMY attaches high importance on implementation quality and customer satisfaction.

To take individuality and increasing speed of change on the markets into account, we have developed the NETCONOMY Scrum-model of agile project management: According to the general values of Scrum, we assure the highest possible grade of agility and adaptivity.

In our model, well-defined development intervals are used to ensure that progress is being made in the project. In addition, after every phase the customer receives new functionality which meets NETCONOMY’s quality standards.

Gladly, we keep you informed about innovation and relevant developments throughout the entire process too.



For us, it is a matter of course to elaborate solutions on the most recent technologies available.
Because sustainability plays such a significant role within NETCONOMY, we offer our customers an overview of current innovative technology as well as relevant developments in the field.



Equally important than the technical side is to provide skilled and certified customer service.

Whether cloud based or on-premise-solution, NETCONOMY assists you as a SAP-certified Partner Center of Expertise.



NETCONOMY gladly also provides service during operation: No matter if load peaks, necessary updates or in case of unexpected errors: NETCONOMY serves as your backup. We strive for a frictionless operation of your application.

This is how we create holistic, forward-looking solutions for your omnichannel success. We manage your project efficiently, purposefully and to your optimum satisfaction. Together, we create powerful digital business models and secure an edge over the competition sustainably.
Tuesday October 17th, 2017

aspaNETCONOMY: NETCONOMY and ASPA Consulting join forces

The SAP® Hybris®-specialists enter a strategic partnership and establish a joint venture, aspaNETCONOMY, located in Madrid, Spain.

Coup within the central European SAP® Hybris®-Eco System: The renown IT-specialist NETCONOMY further expands dynamically and founds a joint venture with its Spanish partner ASPA Consulting.

Core business of the newly formed company aspaNETCONOMY will be the development of international markets with cutting-edge and industry specific SAP Hybris omnichannel solutions. …read more

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