A human touch in the relationship between companies (B2B)

Artículos, 15. May 2018

Technological transformation is not an objective, its an indispensable constant for any business that aspire to survive the changes that demands the new paradigm ot relations between companies and customers. The change of the rules game in the B2C world is a reality that has transformed the way where brands relate with its consumers. Although relationships between companies still have it hard to take of from many inertias, reality is stubborn and shows the way to follow.

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As a specialist partner in SAP Hybris solutions, in aspaNetconomy we have been ages supporting companies in its digital transformation process and in the implementation of successful digital business models. Also, we work with them to know better his customers and behaviors, changing the paradigm of how they relate to them and looking for humanizing the interactions they carry out with them.

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